Counts On Crack , Lassie
18 August - live
It's getting hot at the club, because the hotties from Counts On Crack are gonna shred their psych-garage-punk music at the Horst!! Be there or begone!

Lassie are Dog Lovers from Leipzig that will fuck you up by shredding their Synthie Loaded Garage Punk in the sexiest way possible... HOT
Eintritt: 5,- bis 21 Uhr//danach 8,- flyer

Los Scallywaggs
24 August - live
the australian garage/punk scene is really hot right now. you have bands like skeggs, wash, gooch palms, drunk mums, amyl and the sniffers and so on.
LOS SCALLYWAGS fit perfectly in this list of names. they play a mix between garage/punk music, also they surf better than you.

Eintritt: 5,- bis 21 Uhr//danach 8,- flyer

Asbest , Heavy Harvest
01 September - live
Asbest - Abrasive post-punk from Switzerland steers straight into Horst Harbour! They‘re gonna bring their new EP, tons of noise and resolution! Drills, shreds, works!
Heavy Harvest - Three nutrition experts who create a loud and angry mix of Stoner, Punk and Noise Rock.
Dig in!

2 x killer Sound aus Basel City!

Eintritt: 5,- bis 21 Uhr//danach 8,- flyer

07 September - live
SLANDER TONGUE is a Berlin-based Rock & Roll band. Four guys who have spent the past years in various bands (BIKES, SICK HORSE, King Khan & THE SHRINES) and bars.

BECHAMEL is a French-Bulgarian-German trio based in Berlin. Their self-proclaimed genre Europunk comprises swift riffs, searing distortion and crisp vocals with a hint of garage. Truly yours since 2017.

Eintritt: 5,- bis 21 Uhr//danach 8,- flyer

Neutron Rats , K.G.W.
14 September - live
Fuck Yeah! Horst Klub Proudly Presents: NEUTRON RATS from Albany, New York! Celebrating the first show of their European Tour! Full on raging no-prisoners-taken blown out Hardcore Punk executed with perfection. This is stellar. Unfuckwithable.The kinda shit you wanna listen to while smashing that last beer bottle against your head as you jump out of the window. In the last few years NEUTRON RATS has become symbiotic with Albany hardcore-punk. The drumming plays everything twice the speed as its contrasted with the muddy guitars and distorted vocals... This is clearly from the ANTI-CIMEX, GAUZE, DEATH SIDE, DISCHARGE descent of hardcore-punk.. Euro Tour Kick Off!
Supported by KGW ( Krause Glucke Weltverschwörung), new totally awesome female led punk band from Konstanz . Fisrt show, go crazy.

Eintritt: 5,- bis 21 Uhr//danach 8,- flyer

Bikini Beach (Album Relase)
21 September - live
konstanzer garagen rocker! lotti, manu und nils spielen wieder im klub! mit dabei: neues, noch geheimes album....

man stelle sich meatbodies, thee oh sees und TY SEGALL vor, gemischt mit cali-surf flair.

Eintritt: 5,- bis 21 Uhr//danach 8,- flyer

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The Spitters , ZAYK
18 October - live
The Spitters fkn' slayed last years horst fest, total punk madness! better call the bomb.

ZAYK are an all instrumental psych band from switzerland, they rule!

Eintritt: 5,- bis 21 Uhr//danach 8,-