The Spitters , ZAYK
18 October - live
The Spitters fkn' slayed last years horst fest, total punk madness! better call the bomb.

ZAYK are an all instrumental psych band from switzerland, they rule!

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19 October - live

Schlakks und seine homies OPEK und Razzmatazz kommen mit ihrer neuen Platte in den Klub. „Indirekte Beleuchtung“ ist das dritte Album des Rappers und das erste in alleiniger Zusammenarbeit mit OPEK und Razzmatazz. Klassisches Sampling wird mit live-Instrumentalisierung verbunden which means Live Drums & freshe Loops! Mal laid back und verjazzt, mal nach vorne gehend. Mal den Funk im Gepäck.

Auf über 60 Minuten huldigt Schlakks der Subkultur ebenso wie der gepflegten Ekstase, und lässt darüber hinaus Raum für politische und gesellschaftliche Unordnungen sowie die persönliche Reflexion der Dinge. Das Ergebnis: Rap ohne Männlichkeitswahn und ohne Grenzen, der zwischen den Welten schwimmt und doch ganz genau weiß, wo er hingehört.

Vor und nach der Show gibts von Horst-Resident DJ Jox und DJ Dide noch tighten oldschool shizzle auf die Ohren.

Damage: 5/8
Eintritt: 5,- bis 21 Uhr//danach 8,- flyer

24 October - live
Raskolnikov (coldwave/postpunk aus Xlingen/Paris) haben sich 2015 in Genf gegründet, die Bandmitglieder führen aber ein Drei-Länder-Nomadenleben zwischen Genf, Paris, Reims und Konstanz. Der Bandname erscheint nur im ersten Moment als ungewöhnlich, denn er bezieht sich auf den Protagonisten aus Schuld und Sühne von Dostojewski.
Mit ihrem düsteren Post Punk haben sie den Klub schon einmal verzaubert. Pflichttermin!

Eintritt: 5,- bis 21 Uhr//danach 8,- flyer

The Stevenson Ranch Davidians (US) , The Outta Mind (CH)
26 October - live
The Stevenson Ranch Davidians - Post-Psych/Amerikana-Folk Vibes from L.A.

Steeped in the aura of the perennially mythologized psychedelic culture of Southern California and making music influenced by the enduring essence of ‘60s psych, folk and soul, woven with strands of early American roots music the Stevenson Ranch Davidians seek to simultaneously demystify and deify the human experience.
The new Album ‘Amerikana’ represents a new direction for the band, where the dreamy, flowing sound of albums past is infused with a fresh sense of inspiration, energy and purpose.

Members of the band are lead singer and songwriter Dwayne Seagraves, Davidians’ bassist Jessica Latiolait, guitarist Rob Campanella (as well member of The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Quarter After), drummer and backing vocalist Andy Campanella and guitarist Misha Bullock (former Tennis System).

The Outta Mind - THE Psych-Garage Surf Sound of Kanton Glarus! Echoing vocals, clanking and fuzz-studded guitars and catchy surf-beats with a slight touch of melancholy. Cheers!!!

Psych-Garagenexplosion am Horsthimmel!

RanchDavidians OuttaMind
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Slift , The Shattered Mind Machine
27 October - live
Slift (FR)
A deafening mass where both guitar and drum, aligned formation, cut repeated repetitive riffs. The fervent swayed hips and ceaseless yapping are resolutely garage,
but following the example of the sacrosanct Oh Sees,
the psychedelic music of 70's (kraut and space rock at the top of line) is never far.

The Shattered Mind Machine (CH)
Heavy Rock
Landed on earth in march 2015 to infect your ears with energetic, obscure and heavy noises. It's mission is dedicated to rock'n'roll and won't stop until you obey the riff!

Slift - Fearless Eye Slift Bandcamp
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Dead Quiet
29 October - live
Dead Quiet (CAN)

Heavy Metal/Stoner Rock from Vancouver, BC. Featuring members of Barn Burner, Anciients & Hashteroid

With influences ranging from doom metal to classic rock, Dead Quiet seeks to meld melody with catastrophe as they weave through a dissonant landscape of crushing metallic riffs and sombre choral musings. While remaining loyal to many heavy metal foundations, the band is successful at pronouncing a heavy debut record with depth and honesty. Formed in the winter of 2013, Dead Quiet was created from the ashes of singer/guitarist Kevin Keegan’s since dismantled band, Barn Burner (Metal Blade). Keegan’s songs were brought to the experienced hands of Vancouver musicians, Jason Dana (Bend Sinister, Karen Foster), Brock Macinnis (Anciients, Tobeatic) and Mike Grossnickle (Hashteroid). With one record under their belts, Dead Quiet has recently finished their follow-up, titled Grand Rites. Having the addition of full-time key board player Justin Hagberg (3 inches of Blood) to the creative process, the songs have seen a richer dynamic and further broadened their already 70s rock and early heavy metal aesthetic. With the release of Grand Rites on the horizon, Dead Quiet hope to continue traversing the globe, playing what has become well known as an ultra energetic, charismatic and ear splitting live performance.
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Gambarella (ESP)
02 November - live
We're talking serious stuff here, my dear friends!

Jaime L. Pantaleón (guitar+synths) with 12TWELVE (a pillar in experimental music in Spain, fusing effortlessly freejazz, postrock and pretty much anything they wanted) recorded 2 albums with Steve Albini (Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Pixies, Led Zep's Page and Plant…). Oscar Altaba (drums) and Victor Teller (bass) play with the indie-folk rockers OSO, and the three of them (+a singer) also set fire to stages with the sludge/doom band REBUIG. When we talk about GAMBARDELLA, we don't talk about limits here, as you can see. We talk about "a kind of instrumental psychedelic & dub jazzrock clearly influenced by Chicago and Africa sounds", as they themselves put it. About a first class gig. And also about a character from Paolo Sorrentino's 'La grande bellezza', but that's another story.

Full set, well recorded
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The Loranes
07 November - live
Garage Rock/Neo Heavy Blues aus Berlin.
Kratziger Garagensound mit popigen Einlagen, (Einflüsse von Black Rebel Motorcykle Club), melancholischer Countrysidesound, das Gefühl im Gras zu liegen und die Zeit verstreichen zu lassen zu können! Wat will man denn noch mehr?!
Also hörste jetze ma rein und wenn et jefällt, denn kommste vorbei! So.
Bye, euer Horst!

Mitglieder der Kapelle: Mammut - Bass (ex-Bassist von KADAVAR), Elias - Drums, Pat – Git/Vocals

The Loranes - She Ain‘t You The Loranes - No Home
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Brain Tilt (CH) , The Living Things
09 November - live
BRAIN TILT- Swamp-Punk à la Luzernese
Yes, the day will come that your shitty Range Rover and your crappy SUV can't be filled with gas anymore. Evil forces will try to recuperate records for gas, but the Swamp Thing will fight those bastards of bad taste to keep the music alive the way it is meant to be heard. It will try to find all those 300 BRAIN TILT copies to protect em as he's convinced this is one of the best records that saw the dark of night in 2018.

THE LIVING THINGS – Garage-Punk Powerpop aus den Untiefen des Schwarzwaldes

Inside Out Sinking City
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Craig Brown Band
22 November - live
Craig Brown Band (USA)

Genere: Country-ish rock twang with honeyed harmonies

One of Detroit’s most beloved and powerful musicians has gone solo. Well, solo in the sense that he’s put a dynamite musical act together and called it Craig Brown Band. The debut full-length album, The Lucky Ones Forget, was recorded almost live at Brown Rice Studio with Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive)—and is now available on Third Man Records. It’s a long-player filled with songs about heartbreak, fishing and vans—built upon the work of those daring punks of yore who embraced country music (Replacements, Meat Puppets, Tom Petty, et al). And it’s one of 2017’s must-hear records.

Quick rewind. For years, Craig Brown shared manic lead vocals and guitar squealies in the completely unhinged punk band, Terrible Twos (Urinal Cake Records). He’s gigged with King Tuff (Sub Pop) and shredded with local Detroit acts the Brownstown Gals and the Mahonies. He concurrently batters with New Jersey’s Liquor Store—a band so notorious, they sell their own brand of switchblades at the merch table, defying all sorts of local ordinances.

Craig Brown Band - I Wondered What:
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Black Gremlin , Gorilla Pulp
23 November - live
Jo Gremlins! The fun is OVER!! Get out of your caves!
We are super stoked to announce that these motherfuckers are returning to our unholy † Horst!
Black Gremlin and Gorilla Pulp will show you how to proper Tufo Rock the Parma kinda way! Don’t get your heads shaved!

BLACK GREMLIN: raw’n’roll, kinda punk, kinda parma city, now five years old, drinks already coffee
(You like The Shrine, Valient Thorr, Zeke, MC5, Pink Fairies, Motorhead, Thin Lizzy? That’s the deal!)

GORILLA PULP: heavy stoner rock, tufo, kinda 70s, plays theremin like jimmy page, on retrovox records
(Influences: Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, ZzTop, Gary Moore, Red Fang, Orange Goblin, Jeff Beck)

Lone Wolf Heavy Lips
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Rolando Bruno y su orquesta midi
29 November - live
Rolando Bruno, the cumbia-trash legend from Melmac returns to your most favourite Horst stronger and better than ever giving us 110% of his beloved and unique outer space cumbia trash rock'n'roll.
Punks, Hippies, Skaters, Hipsters, Rockers, whatever - this man plays your perfect soundtrack for a perfect night.
Do not miss the chance to experience the most intense feeling a man with a guitar can give to you.

Watch it!
Eintritt: 8,- bis 21 Uhr//danach 10,- flyer