Between Owls (DE) , Coast of Ghosts
29 March - live
Ein luftig-leichter Mix aus Indie, Pop, Punk und Garage, untermalt mit ganz wunderbarem mehrstimmigem Gesang (m/w): in den punkigen Momenten schimmern die 80er Jahre mit Hans-A-Plast und Trio durch, in den ruhigeren melancholischer Indie-PowerPop. Musik für Träumer!

Fluffiger Instrumental-Surfrock mit Gruselnote! Die drei Konstanzer kombinieren gekonnt verschiedenste Einflüsse der 80er und 90er Jahre (Surf, New Wave, Garage, whatever...). Ausgefeilt, eingängig und packend. Hundertprozentige Ohrwurmgarantie, versprochen!

Between Owls Coast of Ghosts
Eintritt: 8,- bis 21 Uhr//danach 10,- flyer

Vintage Crop , 7AM
05 April - live
Vintage Crop (Garage/Punk/Post Punk): Lord knows what's going on in Australia, but apparently there are so many great new bands coming up. These four guys named Vintage Crop play aggressiv Garage Rock, maybe Punk, maybe Post Punk...who knows. You might be reminded of the Minneapolis Uranium Club or Eddy Current? Can't wait to see them play here, this will get wild.
only swiss show!!!

7AM: Coming back to the Klub: Sieben Uhr in der Früh. They are from Slovenia and they play melodic post punk.

Vintage Crop
Eintritt: 5,- bis 21 Uhr//danach 8,- flyer

Primitive Hands , Gym Tonic
11 April - live
Primitive Hands (CAN) Psych Folk Garage
Primitive Hands are the retarded adopted love children of Frank Zappa and GG Allin. They broke the chains that were holding them down in the cellar since birth, where they were forced to listen for hours on end to leather biker boots stomping and feces dropping on the kitchen floor above, to finally break out and terrorize their city! After years of roaming back alleys and dumpsters, bodies cold skinny, hairless and they're minds numb and having absolutely no musical training or even how to handle instruments they've decided to throw caution to the wind buy some wind chimes, gongs and triangles and unleash an unholy noise to the unsuspecting people of planet earth. Good luck all you God fearing citizens who dare come out to witness this filth, you'll need it.

Gym Tonic (DE) Cafeteria Punk
synth-punk/new wave four-piece with members from Canada and France, playing hyped up songs about carsickness, vitamin injections and nuclear disasters.

Primitive Hands Gym Tonic
Eintritt: 5,- bis 21 Uhr//danach 8,- flyer

12 April - live
Instrumental-Mathrock-Noise-Looperwahnsinn aus Finnland!
Zuletzt war das Duo mit Zeal & Ardor auf Europatour - nun auch auf Solo-Tour, um ihr exzellentes Album „Now“ zu promoten. Für Fans von Battles, Russian Circles, Don Caballero, Deftones oder schlicht von komplexem Power-Drumming und Bombast-Gitarrensounds!

NYOS - Zebracazebra NYOS Bandcamp
Eintritt: 5,- bis 21 Uhr//danach 8,- flyer