31.03.23: RE-OPENING WEEKENDER 13.-15.4.2023
RE-OPENING WEEKENDER 13.-15.4.2023 31.03.2023

Dank riesigem Einsatz dürfen wir zwei Wochen nach dem Brand bereits das Wiedereröffnungswochende planen! Komm am Freitag ins Contrast! Schwärm beim Familienbrunch zu Ostern von Farmer Bier! Trink eines mit uns am Donnerstag 13. und schüttel dir am 14. und 15. April den Frust von der Seele.

Road to resurrection
Fr 31.03.2023 - Global Charming und Parking Lot im Contrast
Sa 01.04.2023 - geschlossen / private Gesellschaft
Do 06.04.2023 - cancelled
Fr 07.04.2023 - geschlossen
Sa 08.04.2023 - geschlossen / private Gesellschaft

Do 13.04.2023 - Stammtisch, Barbetrieb, Austausch
Fr 14.04.2023 - Pussy Gillette (US), WE are the asteroid (US), Attic Ted (US)
Sa 15.04.2023 - Future Prawn (DE), Lyca (DE)
Danke allen helfenden Händen, den grosszügigen Angeboten, der Solidarität und dem Z88 und Contrast für die spontane Übernahme von Shows! Auf welchen Kosten der Horst sitzen bleibt ist noch in Abklärung, wir halten euch auf dem Laufenden!

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RE-OPENING WEEKENDER 13.-15.4.202331.03.2023

Thanks to a huge effort we can already plan the reopening weekend two weeks after the fire! Come to Contrast on Friday! Gush about Farmer Beer at the Easter family brunch! Drink one with us on Thursday the 13th and shake the frustration out of your soul on the 14th and 15th of April.

Road to resurrection
Fr 31.03.2023 - Global Charming and Parking Lot at Contrast
Sa 01.04.2023 - closed
Do 06.04.2023 - cancelled
Fr 07.04.2023 - closed
Sa 08.04.2023 - closed

Do 13.04.2023 - Stammtisch, Barbetrieb, Austausch
Fr 14.04.2023 - Pussy Gillette (US), WE are the asteroid (US), Attic Ted (US)
Sa 15.04.2023 - Future Prawn (DE), Lyca (DE)
Thanks to all helping hands, the generous offers, the solidarity and the Z88 and Contrast for the spontaneous takeover of shows! On which costs the Horst is still sitting is in clarification, we keep you up to date!


Big news kids! Das war richtig knapp! Wenige Minuten später wäre der ganze Klub abgebrannt, aber das Feuer hat nichts Unersetzbares erwischt! Das Loch im Dach ist provisorisch zu, der Strom läuft wieder und das Löschwasser ist irgendwo abgelaufen ohne allzu grosse Spuren zu hinterlassen.
Die Aufräum- und Putzarbeiten laufen noch und der Klub bleibt noch zu. Wir können es auch kaum fassen, aber bald feiern wir wieder zusammen! Info folgt!
Die Show von Whereswilder und Kaligrama am Samstag 25.3. ist leider abgesagt, global charming und parking lot am Freitag 31.3. spielen im JugendKultur e.V. Contrast.
Danke für eure riesige Anteilnahme, Mithilfe, Angebote und Solidarität! Horst One Family!
Wer mit anpacken mag: Heute ab 13 Uhr am Klub!

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Horst will prevail!25.03.2023

That was close! Only a few minutes later, Horst would have been up in flames. But the fire didn't do much damage to the inventory. The roof is fixed for now, electricity is back and the firefighting water has flown somewhere.
We are still cleaning and getting everything back to disorder, but we will be partying with you soon!
The show on saturday 25.3.2023 with whereswilder and kaligrama is unfortunately cancelled, the show on friday 31.3.2023 with global charming and parking lot will be moved to Contrast in Constance.
Thank you so much for your solidarity and help! Horst One Family!


In der Nacht auf Samstag den 17.03.23 gab es einen Brand des Dachstocks vom Horst Klub. Die Kantonspolizei geht von Brandstiftung aus: https://www.tagblatt.ch/ostschweiz/bezirk-kreuzlingen/feuerteufel-dachstockbrand-in-kreuzlingen-kantonspolizei-thurgau-geht-von-brandstiftung-aus-zeugen-gesucht...

Zum Glück ist niemand verletzt worden. Grossen Dank an die Feuerwehr Kreuzlingen!
Wer Angaben zur möglichen Täterschaft machen kann: Bitte meldet euch bei der Kantonspolizei!

Bis auf Weiteres werden im Horst Klub keine Veranstaltungen stattfinden können, aber wir halten euch hier und auf unseren Social-Media-Kanälen auf dem Laufenden, falls sich die Möglichkeit ergibt eines der geplanten Konzerte in einer anderen Lokalität veranstalten zu können.

Wir können aktuell noch nichts zum Ausmass der Schäden berichten. Sobald wir Genaueres wissen, werden wir euch hier und auf unseren Social-Media-Kanälen informieren.

Danke für euren Support, Wünsche und Unterstützung!

The Klub is our church and wild ass Rock'n'Roll our religion!

english version

In the night of Saturday 17.03.23 there was a fire in the attic of the Horst Klub. The cantonal police assumes arson: https://www.tagblatt.ch/ostschweiz/bezirk-kreuzlingen/feuerteufel-dachstockbrand-in-kreuzlingen-kantonspolizei-thurgau-geht-von-brandstiftung-aus-zeugen-gesucht...

Fortunately, no one was injured. Many thanks to the Kreuzlingen fire department!
Anyone who has information about the possible perpetrators: Please contact the cantonal police!

Until further notice, no events will be able to take place at Horst Klub, but we will keep you updated here and on our social media channels if the possibility arises to host one of the planned concerts in another location.

We are not yet able to report on the extent of the damage. As soon as we know more, we will inform you here and on our social media channels.

Thank you for your support, wishes and assistance!

The Klub is our church and wild ass Rock'n'Roll our religion!

PRESSEBERICHTE: Bericht Thurgauer Zeitung vom 31.03.23 :

Bericht vom 22.03.23 in den Kreuzlinger Nachrichten:

Bericht im Tagblatt vom 20.03.23 findet ihr hier:

Bericht vom 20.03.23 in den Nachrichten vom TVO:

MO, 25.09.

A Giant Dog(USA)
Spread Joy(USA)
Warm Swords (FR/NZ)

for now I can only say "WOOOW"
More Info soon
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00
DO, 28.09.


play extreme fast punk with hiphop influence - reminds one Be 2/3 of EkeBuba are involved in thisss
5€/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 8 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 00:00
FR, 29.09.


FUTURE SUCK - Punkrock from australia (good & wiiiild as always)
8€/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 12 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00
SA, 30.09.


Heavy Psych Stoner and Punk from our oooold friends from ROMA
ITALIA. With a new album from 2023 - check them ouuuut!!

AMATEUR ACTION: Punk and Garage from our gooood friends from LÖRRACH GERMANY! ❤
8€/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 10 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00
06 & 07.10.


Yeah! Buckle up! It's time to share some news about the most important date of the year! HORST FEST VIII

+++++ Freitag, 06.10. +++++

* Die Verlierer * - Garage Punk. Emerged from the infinite black cellars of Berlin!
TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUYvSxjJ7To

* Lemongrab * - Garage rock infusion from the capital! Going to bury their lemons in our garden!
CAMP: https://lemon-grab.bandcamp.com/album/the-wet-album

* Scheisse Minelli * - Punk from Frankfurt. Love it or Leave it!
TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVtm_JrAeZ4

* CV Vision * - Laid back 60s acid rock vibes with synth outbursts from Berlin.
TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTBHxN9qZUo

* Chacho * - Lofi experimental solo project from Lausanne. Her sounds are tinkered, disordered, crepuscular.
CAMP: https://chacho.bandcamp.com/

Bands ab 20:00!

+++++ Samstag, 07.10. +++++

* Youth Avoiders * - Punk Rock from the suburbs of Paris!
TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7Q0dmTLSc8

* Louis Jucker * - (solo) der Schweizer Bon Iver, als Bon Iver noch cool war, from La Chaux de Fuckin Fonds, just he and his guitar!
TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06f47-CXGX4

* Blanche Biau * - 80s wave and post punk with a touch of shoe gaze merge into a sad but dreamy sound.
CAMP: https://blanchebiau.bandcamp.com/music

* Qitsch * - Noise Rock from Schaffhausen.
CAMP: https://qitsch.bandcamp.com/

* Teenage Kings * - Rocknroll granddad trio from Zürich. Oi!

Bands ab 20.00!
DJ: Wicked Wiggler ausm Luzerner Ländle!

Samstag: ++++ CHERRY BOWL BASH ++++

wichtig: kein Vorverkauf! keine Reservation! nur Abendkasse! ab 19 Uhr! früh da sein!

SA, 14.10.


Gruftschlampen (Berlin)
What you will receive is finest dark punk, that will stir the inveterate Deathrocker's heart. Dirty, dark, provocative... That's how the Gruftschlampen act in their lyrics, which simply express, what a lot of people keep in their minds. Here everything is outspoken. The whole gets perfected by aimed minimal-synth-sounds as well as melodic, swirling and raw guitars, that put your teeth on the edge.

Lálla Beau is a bewitching post-wave psyche-noise bomb that plunges us into the meanders of its organic synths as much as it drags us into a deflagration of chiselled rhythms, around multi-lingual lyrics that will stick to our brain for days.
Born in 2021 during a carte blanche at cave12, Geneva, Lálla Beau feeds a big cauldron where are mixed dented rhythms, hazy sounds, traditional Bolivian melodies, languages from the four corners of the globe and New York funk. It makes you dance and float at the same time and it's... surprising.
8 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 10 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00
MI, 18.10.

Blues Lawyer(USA)

whooop, the band with the greatest name and some amazing power pop/punk tunes!
5 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 8 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 00:00
FR, 20.10.


Horst proudly presents you this kick ass package of a show! No ears left unblown!

Music is an unparalleled form of communication, one that can cause a physical response in humans and can even communicate across species. So when I listen to Schkeuditzer Kreuz, I can’t help but feel the soundwaves battering my body and singing my synapses. His unique brand of industrial synth crust is made up of countless aural layers, pitches, and textures that are confrontational but with a groove that you can’t escape. It’s like sentient machinery has latched on to all of my limbs to force me to dance to its macabre melodies. Trans Positive, Anti Fascist D-Beat Raw Synth Punk.

IMPLODERS from Canada
From Toronto,maladjusted adults carving out knuckle-burning, drywall-holing Punk Rock. Like their initial release, it travels a similar path first cleared by Circle Jerks and Zero Boys but there's a sheen in the efficiency and tightness of this offering that builds on that prior work. The tracks are scaled for an equal ratio of hooks and speed. Not relying purely on power or flash, Imploders sit right in the middle and are delivering some of the best Hardcore Punk since Personality Crisis walked the frozen plains of the Prairies. This style ain't broke and Imploders prove it doesn't require any fixing.

SLON from Germany
Slon treibt seit 2018 ihr Unwesen in der deutschen HC/Punk-Szene und releaste einen Promo/Demo-Mix auf drei genialen Tapes, der definitiv umhaut! Nimm eine gute Prise Deutschpunk-Riffs à la „OHL“, füge dem Tempo von „PRIMITIVE BLAST“ eine Brachialität von NWOBHC-Bands wie „THE FLEX“ oder „ARMS RACE“ hinzu. Höre dir das Klangmonster, welches nicht nur hervorragend schmeckt, sondern zu Unruhe und Chaos zu antreibt und die Tanzbeine schwingen lassen möchte an. Genau das, was sich das der Körper wünscht.

Es darf also getanzt werden.
10 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 12 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00
DO, 26.10.


uhhhh, what a thursday. Berlins own WAXLEGS joined by cathartic post punkers QUINCONCE and KONTEXTE from Nantes, France.
10 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 12 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00
FR, 03.11.


Japanese band "heavenphetamine" have kicked-off a new project "NOM" - Not Only Money, with the aim to generate much needed aid for our dear Ukrainian friends.The band is influenced by 60-70’s psychedelic rock, 80’s Post Punk and Acid house mainly but is able to feel the Japanese musical element as spice like “wasabi”.

SVakodnevno brojim ovce dok slušam ovaj album https://parnepar.bandcamp.com/album/dobar-dan-izvolite Weniger anzeigen
8 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 10 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00
SA, 04.11.

Kal Marks(USA)

Kal Marks (USA)
My live is a freak show - Indie Noise rock from Boston

Plattenbau (DE)
Post-Ideological Surrealism - explores the darkest depths of the human soul, with a sound palette ranging from robotic darkwave to ethereal dreampunk with overlays of curated noise. The overarching element is a cinematic atmosphere, lighting scenes about the excesses of humanity.
8 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 10 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00
FR, 10.11.


CHROMB! is a quartet with strings, reeds, 88 keys and drums in, wired on 220volts, making rock with no guitar, distorted jazz or chamber music for sick kids and emotive adults. CHROMB!'s music is heartfelt more than brain-made, has no prohibition and is the prisoner of no specific style.

Ari Blaisdell and Matt Jones are SYSTEM EXCLUSIVE: Pasadena based two piece band bearing an armful of mini synths, making heart-throbbing capital P pop cut with more than a hint of post-punk. Blaisdell’s vocals hearken back to openhearted 80’s hitmakers unafraid to quaver in the name of love, and they’re buoyed by Jones’ laser-gridded synth concoctions and heavy hand on the ones and twos.
8 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 10 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00
DO, 23.11.


heyyyyaaa woozy psychedelic latin grooves from Brasilia Don't miss out GLUE TRIP - you probably all have heard somewhere the most famous song Elbow Pain. Their new album 'Nada tropical' is fantastic art
MOONWALKS are excited to be back again to fill the air with dark space psych rock, hopefully the lake won't be too cold for swimming (in Detroit you can't swim) but it is probably just the right thing after such an evening because the bands are really hot (hehe)
8 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 10 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00
DI, 05.12.

Lord Friday the 13th(USA)

Holy crap, this is great! Dollar store trash-glam-punk from Austin, Texas. Felix and Sloane catch you while surprise lasts Velvet Underground meets the New York Dolls, with hints of early Iggy and the Stooges.
5 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 8 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 00:00

Weitere Infos findet ihr auf unserer Facebook-Seite https://www.facebook.com/horstklub