Craig Brown Band
22 November - live
Craig Brown Band (USA)

Genere: Country-ish rock twang with honeyed harmonies

One of Detroit’s most beloved and powerful musicians has gone solo. Well, solo in the sense that he’s put a dynamite musical act together and called it Craig Brown Band. The debut full-length album, The Lucky Ones Forget, was recorded almost live at Brown Rice Studio with Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive)—and is now available on Third Man Records. It’s a long-player filled with songs about heartbreak, fishing and vans—built upon the work of those daring punks of yore who embraced country music (Replacements, Meat Puppets, Tom Petty, et al). And it’s one of 2017’s must-hear records.

Quick rewind. For years, Craig Brown shared manic lead vocals and guitar squealies in the completely unhinged punk band, Terrible Twos (Urinal Cake Records). He’s gigged with King Tuff (Sub Pop) and shredded with local Detroit acts the Brownstown Gals and the Mahonies. He concurrently batters with New Jersey’s Liquor Store—a band so notorious, they sell their own brand of switchblades at the merch table, defying all sorts of local ordinances.

Craig Brown Band - I Wondered What:
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Black Gremlin (IT) , The Least Evil (CH)
23 November - live
Jo Gremlins! The fun is OVER!! Get out of your caves!
We are super stoked to announce that these motherfuckers are returning to our unholy † Horst!
Black Gremlin will show you how to proper Tufo Rock the Parma kinda way! Don’t get your heads shaved!

BLACK GREMLIN is an Italian rock band from Parma. Since it's beginning in 2013, the band's known for ignorant, in-your-face retro sounds (MC5, Pink Fairies, Thin Lizzy) mixed with early 80s thrash metal and hardcore punk! Intense, fast and blasting with a raw'n'roll attitude! Cheers!
(You like The Shrine, Valient Thorr, Zeke, MC5, Pink Fairies, Motorhead, Thin Lizzy? That’s the deal!)

THE LEAST EVIL - Fuckin' post-grunge project from Winterthur comin' straight from the studio!!!!

We're super sad to announce that Gorilla Pulp can't play at the 23rd. We try to find another act as soon as possible! Stay tuned!

Lone Wolf The Fun Is Over
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24 November - live
These Kids from Prague need no introduction at Horst. They played here couple of times and quickly made a lot of fans for their feelful but also fun and lofi approach to sixties garage rock and their wild and drunk give-no-shit-behaviour. Best and nice people and a very stylish way to rock your socks off! Fantastic records out on Get Hip Records man!

Without a doubt one of Switzerlands most interesting and intense psyche bands. They know how to handle drinks as well as saxophone shenannigans and have a deep history with Swiss garage rock. Steffi, Bab, Rémy and Alain give their maximum into their music! Maximum can also mean minimum!

We can't wait what to see what happens when they both meet Horst Klub and our very own way to rock'n'roll celebrating life, death and everything between.
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Rolando Bruno y su orquesta midi
29 November - live
Rolando Bruno, the cumbia-trash legend from Melmac returns to your most favourite Horst stronger and better than ever giving us 110% of his beloved and unique outer space cumbia trash rock'n'roll.
Punks, Hippies, Skaters, Hipsters, Rockers, whatever - this man plays your perfect soundtrack for a perfect night.
Do not miss the chance to experience the most intense feeling a man with a guitar can give to you.

Watch it!
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Trois Imaginaire , Mr. Leader & Orchestra
30 November - live
Trois Imaginaire - Jazz & more
Die Musik von Trois Imaginaires ist eine Mischung von Punk Riffs und schwebenden Balladen. Ein bisschen wie wenn Kurt Kobain Louis Amstrong isst oder Frank Zappa sich mit Marilyn Monroe küsst… Ok, vielleicht gehen wir ein bisschen zu weit mit den Metaphern. Es ist die Erzählung einer Geschichte: mit ihrem Intro, Höhepunkt und manchmal auch ihren Credits am Ende. Die Kompositionen sind vor allem von der Pop-Kultur inspiriert, aber hinter dem, was man als Fiktion und Unwirklichkeit sehen kann, versteckt sich auch immer eine menschliche Wahrheit.
Anatole Buccela (g), Pino Zortea (b), Samir Böhringer (d)

+ Mr. Leader & Orchestra

Trois Imaginaire Mr. Leader
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Horst Soli Ska: Canastron & Saftlade
08 December - live
Listen up rudies!
We’re skanking for Horst in december.

Saftlade (CH)
Saftlade spielen straight forward Ska mit schweizerdeutschen Texten und heissen Beats. Da bleibt kein Füdli ungeschüttelt und keine Frisur im Ruhezustand.

Canastron (CH)
Die Rudeboys und -girls von Canastron erwecken das ’69er Lebensgefühl in dir, das du nie mehr missen willst wenn du sie live gesehen hast. Fuck off Winter, wir holen uns die Karibik in den Klub!

Alle Einnahmen fliessen in die Horst-Kasse für gesunde Rock’n’Roll- und Trinkkultur in Kreuzlingen. Danke an die Bands und die OrganisatorInnen ❤

Saftlade Canastron
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